Past accomplished

Our Past Roadmap(Full Filled)

2021 Q2-1

Start of the BeWhale Token and Platform Concept.

2021 Q2-2

First Whitepaper and roadmap Core team creation.

2021 Q3-3
Ico Sale Platform

Create a Secure plaftorm to launch ICO BeWhale

2021 Q4-1
Beta Platform

The final version of BeWhale Staking Platform

2021 Q4-2
Launch On Exchanges

First Exchange to list BeWhale

2021 Q4-3
Protocol Developing

Bewhale Exchange launch Beta Staking platform

2021 Q4-4
Launch platform

BeWhale Staking Platform Launch

2021 Q4-5
Community Benefits

Expand global user base and customer support.

2021 Q4-6
More Pools

More Pools coming

Future forecast

Our Future Roadmap

2022 Q1-1
Ecosystem Expansion

News Features comming.

2022 Q1-2
NFT Platform

Launch a BeWhale NFT Platform.

2022 Q1-3
Exchange listing

Firts CEX Exchange listings

2022 Q2-1
Staking platform V2

Upgrade to BeWhale Staking Platform

2022 Q2-2
Launch On Exchanges

First Exchange to list BeWhale

2022 Q2-3
New Partnerships

New partnerships for staking and swap platforms

2022 Q3-1
Play to Earn Games

Bewhale play to earn game presentation

2022 Q3-2
New Partnerships

New partenships.

2022 Q3-3
Launch play to earn game

Bewhale first play to earn game release and other features.